Word Comparison

Every perspective can bring new meanings to simple everyday words. In Auschwitz, the people were living in hell they had no relief and nothing to look forward to everyday. In my life, the generation I live in perceives hell as where we don’t want to be, but it comes after death, after we have had our joys in life. The one simple term brings two very different meanings, from everyday life to punishment in the after life. In such an extreme case of human torture, even the most violent and harmful are not enough to relay the experiences that people in Auschwitz and German concentration camps went through. To say it was a living hell is nowhere good enough, and never will it be.

Student Showcase Review

1)      Was I prepared? For our student show case, we were given multiple classes to prepare. I believe I was prepared for my interview, as well as I could have been. The preparation was not a hard task to achieve, it involved filling out a question sheet for each separate class we are involved in. My sheets were filled in as much as they needed to be, because when I went into the interview I elaborated on my answers just as I always would.

2)      What did I enjoy in the interview?  To be completely honest, there was very little I enjoyed about our student interviews. The conversation between parent, student and teacher became very awkward because of the mandatory setting. I felt pressured to be there, as with other student teacher interviews we were always recommended to come, but we weren’t forced just as we were with this showcase. Students were told it was mandatory to come, but if the parents were unavailable to come to the date then the students presented to our teachers that, in my point of view, doesn’t not make any sense, because for a student to present their own work to a teacher who had taught them that class, defeats the purpose of having a Student Showcase. The only part that I enjoyed was after I had presented all my work when my parent and teacher discussed what they would in a normal parent teacher interview, just like when I was in previous years.

3)      What would I like to see in the 2014- 2015 student showcase? I won’t be involved in our school so this does not affect me, but my recommendation is having a more classic parent teacher interview where teachers and parents talk about our work as students and parents address any concerns that they have.

B13 Response

Completing a correction of an assignment while still doing the assignment personally, is a waste of time. Having to note in the essay, we wrote, whether or not we had the points seemed to waste time, after editing there should be enough editing done to know whether or not it was completed fully. I personally do not think that benefitted my writing, my mark did not benefit from this in the tiniest bit. In the future I likely would not use these types of correction to improve my mark, because it takes longer to do assignments in this fashion, and that makes me slack more. The slacking will eventually lower my mark, not benefitting me at all.

A7 Compose and Create – Narrative of Hyphenated Canadian

I was born in Canada. My parents were not, they moved from Africa right before I was born. The transition for them has been tough. The people here are not exactly accepting to new comers. Everyday, my parents go to work and come home back to the culture they have always known. Everyday, I go to school, get bullied and come home to the only safe place I have ever experienced.

My home is much different then outside. When my few friends came over, they even noticed how my parents have not accepted Canadian culture. They haven’t come to connect with the culture because of how unaccepting the people here have been. The life here is difficult, but definitely a bit better then in Africa.

A6: What is Cultural Identity…

My Culture

The cultural identity that each person can be similar, but it’s how everyone connects with is what makes an experience different. Personally my culture of Ukrainian and Croatian has been lost from the generations and generations of living in Canada. That point itself brings another question, could that make my culture now simply just Canadian? I’d have to say that I am fully Canadian, I’m no longer connected to the countries and traditions that my ancestors came from, I don’t believe that just because my family eats certain foods during the holiday that we are Croatian and Ukrainian. My Canadian identity is what I connect with fully, I watch hockey, eat poutine and celebrate all the holidays that many other Canadians, like myself, have enjoyed in the past. I may have the characteristics of my ancestors from those countries with dark thick hair, and dark eyes, but that as far as my culture strives in my family.

Aboriginal Culture In Canada

To stick to your culture through thick and thin may just be the hardest thing to accomplish in this time. If I could stick to my cultural values, personally I would do that best that I could, especially if it was available such as the First Nations culture is in Canada. The ceremonies that happen multiple times a year all over the country make it easier to simply experience the traditions and values of those people. I would love to say that no matter where I grew up I would stick to my ancestors values, but that wouldn’t be true, no matter my culture, the place I grew up and how my parents raised me would become my culture. Anyone’s culture is greatly dependant on the environment they experience, and I believe that you can’t just change your ways by a simple decision. If I could keep my First Nations culture, I would like to think that I would try.

A34: Letter to man from Video

I was very touched by your story, and as a Canadian I am appalled by what you had to go through. No human being should have ever had to experience that horrible travesty. It takes a great amount of courage and stability for a woman to show that strength in front of her child. Your mother was a wonderful lady for doing so well under the circumstances she was put through. Your story is an inspiration for people, such as myself, to make sure that this abomination never happens to anyone again. Now for a person to experience this and strive afterwords is almost unheard of, but you did that and more! Helping the country that involved people who had betrayed you shows more courage than I could ever imagine. For sharing your story I am truly grateful and I thank you for opening my, and I’m sure other people’s, eyes to the real Canada that we are living in.
Sincerely, A not so proud Canadian

Hang up. Arrive safe. Why not?

texting 2

Why text and drive? Why can you not pull over, and send that meaningless text message, or wait until you get where you are going? Why put your and other people’s life at risk? Everyday teenagers text and drive, because “that cannot

happen to me”, or “I am too good to be in an accident”. The problem is, is that it is not only teenagers doing the texting; they see their parents doing it, or adult friends. Everyone is the problem, yes society will point out that most people who get in accidents due to texting and driving are in fact under the age of 20, but where did they get it from? Who started it? As a teenager you are likely not to blame for getting the idea in your head, but it is up to you to stop. In the future you will be having your kids, and telling them to be careful and never text and drive, but if they are not influence by seeing people do it they will likely not do it, or if at all.



There are new laws forbid texting and driving to prevent people from using their phone, but do they reallystop anyone?The punishment for using a cellphone while driving in Canada can cost from as little as one-hundred to as much as four-hundred dollars. The question rises, can the police really tell if your texting and driving? Truth of the matter is there is no definite way that, unless the police see you with cellular device in your hands while driving, or you happen to be in an accident with recent messages on your phone to prove you were using it to know for sure if a phone was being used. The police may not know, for some reason they might think you were not texting when you hit that car, or person, but you will always know and have to live with that guilt that it was your fault.


Out of all accidents in Canada 20-30% are caused by distracted driving, and of that 20-30%, 1.5% of the distractions are because of cell phone use. It may seem like a small number. But think about it this way, if there are 100,000 crashes, 25% of that is 25,000 and 1.5% of that is 375 accidents just caused by using of a cellphone.  It may seem like a small number now, but what if you were one of those accidents, it would feel like a lot bigger of a number in the long run.  Even if the statistic does not affect you, think about that talking on a  cell phone makes you  4 to 5 times more likely of getting in an accident, and texting is 23 more times likely.   Why would anyone want to run the risk of losing their life, you only get one?!

Even though you may not have been in an accident, or caused injury due to texting and driving it still has affected many people around the country, continent and even the world. The risk that texting and driving puts you under gives you less and less chance of arriving safely at your destination. Personally I have heard kids talk about that “texting and driving is not a big deal”, but in all reality it can be a VERY big deal. You can damage yours and others lives just by texting and driving, and even worse you could lose someone else’s life and have to live with the regret of causing that death.  You may not think that it could affect your life that much, if you do get in an accident and survive, you’ll always have your parents to back you up, or pay for the damage, but your parents cannot save you if you have hit another vehicle and killed someone, or veered off the road and killed the passengers in your car. You can lose your license, it can be suspended for many years and even worse you can go to jail. No parent will help you out when you’re in jail, they physically cannot. You are all ALONE. 

Real life situations



Dear Dad

Throughout the years your stories have been my truth and what I believed. After many years of trusting that you had this extravagant life with amazing things happening so often, I had realized your repetitive stories were just non sense made up out of the boring things that actually happened to you. The stories you told, you told over and over, and I could repeat the stories just as if they were my own. You had everyone fashioned to believe that you had great adventures with unimaginable events on a regular basis, and that, in fact, you were a life saver, a great man, or even like a hero to some people. As an adult even now, I cannot tell if something happened or if you made it up to make yourself seem more interesting.

I would like to be able to tell my children that their grandfather was a great man, and that he had changed many people’s lives in his own lifetime. The truth is I do not even know if you are the man you told us you were, or if you just were not around in my childhood because you were unsatisfied with your life, and me. After your passing I would like to be able to fully understand why you told these stories, and how you even came up with such non sense.  Your funeral was an eye opener; there were even some people that you had talked about in these stories at your funeral, and now I can say I definitely do not know what is true fact and what is fiction.

Before your passing I thought I knew what I would be as a father, and now I am lost because of you. I had always thought I would never be like my father, because he was never there for me, always gone and distant even when he was home. I want my children to respect me for the truth I tell them, but I also want them to believe I am a great man just as I thought you were when I was young. I do not want to have to tell rubbish stories because I need my children to think I have had these great adventure like you did, I want those stories to be real, but I know that I will never be the man I thought you to be. In all honesty, I forgive you for your mistakes and just wish we would have had longer to reminisce before your passing.

Love you

Sincerely, Will

Assessment of my Writing

The beginning of my writing this year, quite honestly, was a train wreck. The writing technique I came back into English with at the start of the semester was quite childish, and my comma use had gone back to its original problematic stages. My writing has taken a huge turn with everything I have learnt this year, and the turn was for the better in many different ways. The stronger parts in my writing this year have changed quite drastically for example, is my comma use. My use of transitions, as well, has gotten better. By the end of the year I would like to be able to write an essay without as much struggle as I have had with writing my essays this year. The only struggle I have is keeping the flow in my essay, and writing the sentences so they can go together smoothly. Brainstorming and using the idea pages we are given before we start writing our essays really help me with my writing because I can get most of my ideas on paper before I have edited them and put other sentences with them.

The Child Who Walks Backwards

My name is Abby, I am a neighbor of yours and  you may think I am out of my place to invade on your privacy in such a manor but, I still ask you to read this letter in hopes you may learn from your mistakes and move on to a better life for you and your son.

I have met your young boy and, I know personally what a great kid he is and that he will become a great man someday. This boy can only grow if you let him; no matter how hard he will try he cannot become the man he is destined to become if you prevent that from happening. All he needs to help with his future; is love from his mother and a place to call home and fully feel safe.   The condition he is in now is not from a safe environment and a loving home and this frankly has to stop.

A mothers duty is to protects her child throughout their life, and love them unconditionally. For instance, I want to be the kind of mother that the children can trust and come to with any problem. The life of an abused child is short, much shorter than any other child, not to mention how much more miserable and they have no parent to fall back on and trust. I know I may speak for myself when I say that if a child of mine were to be abused or hurt in any way I would do everything in my power to prevent that from happening to them ever again. The carelessness of mother that caused such an innocent human being go through such pain, should have to go through that exact pain just to feel what they caused and could have prevented.

As a young girl, I may not know everything that a parent, such as yourself, deals with on a daily basis but, I do know that every child deserves to be loved and treated with respect and care. I don’t know the situation you are in and how it came to be that way, although, I do know one thing it is that there has been things happen to your poor child that should not be happening to any child of any age, race, or gender.  The excuses of this abusive behavior vary from every person on this planet that has the impulse to harm a child in such a manor, but the reasons for this pain and torture is undignified and if I may say so myself, cowardly.