Word Comparison

Every perspective can bring new meanings to simple everyday words. In Auschwitz, the people were living in hell they had no relief and nothing to look forward to everyday. In my life, the generation I live in perceives hell as where we don’t want to be, but it comes after death, after we have had our joys in life. The one simple term brings two very different meanings, from everyday life to punishment in the after life. In such an extreme case of human torture, even the most violent and harmful are not enough to relay the experiences that people in Auschwitz and German concentration camps went through. To say it was a living hell is nowhere good enough, and never will it be.

Student Showcase Review

1)      Was I prepared? For our student show case, we were given multiple classes to prepare. I believe I was prepared for my interview, as well as I could have been. The preparation was not a hard task to achieve, it involved filling out a question sheet for each separate class we are involved in. My sheets were filled in as much as they needed to be, because when I went into the interview I elaborated on my answers just as I always would.

2)      What did I enjoy in the interview?  To be completely honest, there was very little I enjoyed about our student interviews. The conversation between parent, student and teacher became very awkward because of the mandatory setting. I felt pressured to be there, as with other student teacher interviews we were always recommended to come, but we weren’t forced just as we were with this showcase. Students were told it was mandatory to come, but if the parents were unavailable to come to the date then the students presented to our teachers that, in my point of view, doesn’t not make any sense, because for a student to present their own work to a teacher who had taught them that class, defeats the purpose of having a Student Showcase. The only part that I enjoyed was after I had presented all my work when my parent and teacher discussed what they would in a normal parent teacher interview, just like when I was in previous years.

3)      What would I like to see in the 2014- 2015 student showcase? I won’t be involved in our school so this does not affect me, but my recommendation is having a more classic parent teacher interview where teachers and parents talk about our work as students and parents address any concerns that they have.